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Last updated May 12, 2015.

Unofficial Minutes from our May 2015 Monthly Meeting.
Unofficial Minutes from our May 2014 Annual Meeting.

1. Annual meeting will be June 19, 2015 at the Senior Center at 7:00 pm.
The following letter is being mailed to each homeowner with an encloded ballot. Please return your ballot before June 19, 2015.
Dear Fellow Duquette Residents:
The City of Idaho City has updated their Comprehensive Plan as required by the State Legislature. This plan is dated March 11, 2015 and copies are available at City Hall. In this plan it states: "The City of Idaho City Volunteer Fire Department provides fire protection for the City of Idaho City and the Impact area." Duquette Pines is neither in the City Limits or the Impact Area. This has potential dire consequences for the residents of Duquette, specifically; the Fire Department will no longer be required to respond to calls in Duquette. Fire coverage could end in July if we donít take immediate action.

This plan is not to be confused with annexation. There are no fees or taxes involved: Boise County Ordinance No. 3-2000 states " The City of Idaho City has voluntarily limited its annexation authority as set forth in Idaho Code Section 50-222 as follows":
"The city will not annex property without a request for annexation by the owner of the property in question. "

At this point it appears we have three options:

  1. Contract with the City: This can be done relatively quickly. If we choose to do this there will be a yet to be determined fee for fire protection by the Idaho City Fire Department.
  2. Petition to be added to the Area of Impact: This would include fire coverage by the Idaho City Fire Department, but could take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year to complete.
  3. Do nothing: This would likely affect homeowner's fire insurance causing higher rates or "high risk" policies.

A committee of homeowners within Duquette Pines was formed to do fact finding and make a proposal to the Duquette Pines Board. Having Duquette Pines included in the area of impact was found to be the most reasonable option. There are no negative results for Duquette Pines by being included in the Area of Impact. Duquette Pines would continue as it always has but with formal fire protection. The City has the advantage to include the population of Duquette Pines when applying for grants. This should increase the probability of grants awarded to Idaho City.

The option of contracting for fire coverage long term would require an increase in association dues. Duquette would contract as a subdivision for coverage with the city. The estimated cost for this fire coverage is approximately $120 per homeowner per year. The city still has not approved the final cost.

The proposal from the committee and agreed upon by the board:
Work towards being included in the area of impact. A passing vote of 51% of property owners is required to start this process. If the vote passes, Duquette would enter into a contract for fire coverage until the Area of Impact process is complete. The contract is a short term solution until the longer term Area of Impact solution can be put in place. The board believes we can do this short term contract at no additional cost to property owners. The board would approve to cover the contract cost with money we have in reserve for emergencies. This is only possible for a short term payment for the contract.

You can mail your vote using the enclosed ballot and self-addressed envelope or vote at the annual meeting.
Remember, we need a passing vote of 51% of all property owners to move forward.

Ballots must be received by June 19, 2015. Annual meeting will be June 19, 2015 at the Senior Center at 7:00 pm.

We will have a question and answer period at the annual meeting. We would like to limit comments from homeowners to three minutes per property owner so that everyone can be heard. If you have a question prior to the meeting, please email the board. Committee members are listed below:
Roy Doan
Scott Jackson
Doug Ebling
Lisa Burt
Art Burget
Debbie Zaspel
Jill Manzo

2. Please remember to drive slow on our roads. Our roads are not for joy rides. Use them to enter and exit the Subdivision not ride in circles. We have had a number of complaints.

3. Anyone with an unpaid balance as of July 1, 2015 will be considered past due. The board has collected on all current past due accounts except for two. The board is still taking action to collect on these accounts. The board will also take action to collect any new past due accounts as of July.

4. Please remember that all property within the subdivision is privately owned. Do not trespass with motorcycles, ATV, UTV or anything else. HAVE RESPECT FOR YOUR NEIGBORS PROPERTY and their rights! Joy riding around the subdivision is generating a lot of complaints. Please take it to public lands outside the subdivision.

5. (Updated 11/23/13) The following individuals are overdue in paying their water and/or road payments: Names of individuals behind on their DPHOA bill.

6. We now have a Facebook page for discussions about issues facing Duquette Pines. Check out our page.



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